World Christian Podcast 2005-08-31

World Christian Podcast 2005-08-31

New podcast has been posted.

It is an interview of a long-term church planter who has been living in Bosnia. We ask “Bob” about the growth of the church in Bosnia, the current political situation, and I give a short summary of my time in Sarajevo as well.

Names were changed to protect people from possible anti-Christian discrimination. This podcast was created on the spot using a Griffen iTalk microphone mounted on an iPod. This is my first ever “on the scene” interview. next week I hope to do a “SkypeCast” using skype on an interview with somebody living overseas.

I just got back in last night after being gone for about ten days or so. It was really great to be back – Bosnia is a wonderful place and I miss it. Much has changed since we have left and… much is the same!

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