Bosnia Serb Republic Podcast

Bosnia Serb Republic Podcast

A few months back I did a podcast from Travnik in Central Bosnia. As many of you know, I lived in Bosnia for most of the ’90’s. Well, in pursuit of equal air-time (a huge issue in ethnically divided Bosnia) I have just posted a podcast from a churchplanter working in the Serb part of Bosnia. There aren’t a lot of “show notes” for this podcast, other than to say that you can email me (or use the contact form on this site) for more info churchplanting in Srpska Republika.

Yesterday I was greeted by a number of listeners from Asia. Welcome aboard – I plan to do a LOT of podcasting on Asia which is the most exciting window into the world of the Great Commission in the years ahead.

Regular subscribers are hovering around 40 or so. However, direct hits to the podcast are much higher. Keep on listening!

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