Well, if you haven’t followed the Reuters debacle over at LGF , you’ve missed some good rhetoric.  To sum it up, Reuters posted a photo of Beirut under attack with obvious “enhancements” which make the Israeli attack look much worse than it was.  The photographer who submitted the picture cannot submit any more photos to Reuters and Reuters has sent a “Picture Kill” notice out asking its news outlets to refrain from using it.

However, and here is the interesting rhetorical part, bloggers have begun using a new word.  The Urban Dictionary is looking at a submission for the word “Reutered.”  It means “Altering a news photo in Photoshop for the purpose of falsifying or exaggerating a news story. Made famous by news outlet Reuters, who altered a photo of Israeli raids in Beirut to make the strike appear worse than it was by using the clone-stamp tool in Photoshop to enlarge smoke clouds.”

This is a great case of a new definition being created to diss a player in the global information age because of their mistakes.  It is one more case of the new media holding the old media accountable.

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