Secular Fundamentalism

Secular Fundamentalism

I came across an article on the leftwing site Alternet discussing decency and morality movements. What struck me about this article (which is an interview about the religious right) was the statement down the page about combatting the religious right by “by bringing out the core meaning of decency, which is inclusion and acceptance.” I guess what I find interesting about this claim is that is a moralistic statement, sitting in the middle of a page discussing the need to combat moralism.

Now, I don’t disagree that decency includes a respect for others. I don’t think that these people would, in fact, really argue for inclusion and acceptance in an absolute sense. One could mention all sorts of heinious human actions that nobody accepts, as well as lifestyles that even the left do not feel inclined to include.

What this statement really means is this: decency is MY definition – if not, then you’re a bigot. This is the fallacy of the left’s secular orientation. While accusing the religious right of being fundamentalists, they are, in fact, fundamentalists.

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