Radical Environmentalists?

Radical Environmentalists?

Here is an interesting link regarding the encroachment of environmentalist movements on the rights of people to see their lifestyles enhanced through capitalism. I am not at all opposed to environmental regulation at some level (who is?) but if this film lives up to its billing, it will show their true colors.

What concerns me is the way that these folks appear to be similar to the radical anthropology movement which makes entire groups of people more like zoo animals. They do this by concluding that indigenous peoples are not to be touched by society at large and therefore setup large reserves that forbid any outside activity to happen within them. It’s a means to isolate these folks to the point that they are in a perpetual stone-age culture. They call these folks “voluntarily isolated” which is a joke. I have never met an entire people group in which all people think alike and to assume that all people within one of these groups agree (or even have the knowledge to agree or disagree) is disingenuous.

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