Haggard, Rock Star Pastor, Falls

Haggard, Rock Star Pastor, Falls

Ted Haggard has apparently fallen to sin. I must admit I am not surprised. One of the problems with contemporary evangelicalism is what I call the “Rock Star Pastor” phenomenon. These large mega-churches provide a platform that is a never-ending source of influence and money. Few people do well when given the kinds of power bases that we give to these rock stars. When one adds the potential for spiritual abuse to the mix, it is a deadly combination.

I know, some might say that it’s too early to make these comments… new information might come out, yada-yada-yada. It’s possible- but not likely. Even if it’s not true, I must still ask, “Why do we encourage the growth of these churches?” It’s a dangerous situation for the leaders, the followers, and the reputation of Christ.

My solution? No churches bigger than, say, 1,200 people or so. When they get that size, split them up and let them grow again. I know that lots of people like these huge churches but is it a good idea?

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