Got a Mac

Got a Mac

After many years as a Windows user I have switched over to Mac. My MacBook Pro showed up this morning and I have been busy getting it setup. I must admit that I am a bit baffled by some of the things that were second nature to me under Windows.

All in all, this is a very sweet machine. The incredible thing is the smoothness of operation and how smokin’ fast it is. I don’t find it particularly that much easier to use than Windows… but I am a bad test case because I have been with Windows for many years. I know the in and outs pretty clearly.

My first frustration was installing new software. I am used to download an installation program, double-clicking on it, and off you go. I kept running into “disk image files” for the Mac, and didn’t how to use them! I know, I know, it’s simple. Once you know the secret handshake.

I love the big 17 inch screen!

One thought on “Got a Mac

  1. My wife converted over to a Mac about 6 months ago. There were a few things to learn along the way, but she has completely made the move. There were a few programs that we thought would be indispensable in Windows, so were glad to have the Windows machine still serving time as our son’s computer. But, it really has not been touched by my wife. Those programs that she “had to have” are now not so important.

    I am a Linux user and have enjoyed playing with the Mac to see how similar it is. We are now a 3 OS household: Linux, Mac, Windows.

    When it comes time to buy the next notebook (when we go on furlough), there will not be a single bit of hesitation. We will get a Mac.

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