There is a great story over on ABC News about LonelyGirl15. She was a young girl struggling with her parents, her boyfriend, and the things that young women struggle over and she was video-blogging everything. I remember seeing some of the posts because it was creating some buzz on the internet.

The truth came out that LonelyGirl15 was an actress and the whole thing was the creation of a web-film producer.

This is pretty awesome if you’re into cultural sociology! Think about it:

  • The girl was pulling the strings of so many people because the story was about a real struggle that others have faced – growing up (I realize that not all of us have faced this…).
  • It’s interesting to me that the girl was homeschooled and her parents were “strict.” This plays right into a stereotype that so many, especially those in the secular left, believe is true.
  • This is a blow to internet “truth.” Here we were all watching and pulling for LonelyGirl15 only to find out that we were being duped! Who can ever trust the internet again??

There’s lots else there, too, that would be fun to dissect. This is a story that highlights our desire to connect with somebody else who has lived our struggles, to identify, and to be an onlooker/participant. This is what good writers strive for!

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