Digg and the Techno-Utopians

Digg and the Techno-Utopians

For some time I have been observing the anti-religious nature of pretty much all Digg stories that rise to the front page. The story, if it contains any religious overtones, must be anti-Christian or, more generally, anti-religious. So I have been reading posts and trying to figure out the religious position that most of these Diggers have. It’s not been easy. Politically they are pretty consistent, mostly on the far left of the political spectrum, but not always, and there is a strong libertarian streak.

The consistent element that I did see was a faith in technology. There is a predominant view that we are ever getting closer to a future ideal society through science. That’s when Wikipedia helped me to nail it down. They are Techno-Utopians:

Techno-utopianism is any ideology based on the belief that advanced science and technology will eventually bring about a techno-utopia, a future society with ideal living conditions for all its citizens.

That pretty much sums it up based on the posts that I have read. The reason they hate religion is that it sometime stands in the way of this utopian vision (for example, in limiting stem cell research and other areas where science treads on human life). It’s also a form of scientism.

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I don’t believe it’s possible to be “a-religious.” As Bobby Dylan put it, “You gotta serve somebody.” The idea that you can be without religion is nonsense, since all of us must make that great leap of faith to form a religious position, whether that position is Christian, Islamic, Bhuddist, or Atheism. Techno-utopianism is a popularized form of atheism and describes many of the Digg posters.

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