Liveblogging from Urbana

Liveblogging from Urbana

I arrived at Urbana (er… St. Louis) yesterday for the kickoff of this, the largest missions event in the US.  Every three years Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) organizes this gathering.  The first session I attended was for “exhibitors” such as the organization I work for.  Jim Tebbe is the man charged with leading the Urbana effort at IVCF and gave these statistics:

  • They are expecting about 22,000 students (this will be the largest Urbana conference yet)
  • 1,800 exhibitors are attending

When asked “Why are you coming to Urbana?” students said:

  • 72% – To seek God’s will for their lives
  • 49% – To learn about missions
  • 43% to learn about what God is doing in the world

(I know these don’t add up to 100% – the survey must have been a multiple selection survey)

Last night the main plenary session was a challenge from South American missiologist Ajith Fernando.  I am sorry to say that I missed it.

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