Final Post from Urbana

Final Post from Urbana

Urbana closed out with a celebration and the breaking of bread on New Years Eve.  I wasn’t able to post on the last day so let me hit a few highlights now that the event is over.

On Friday night there was a special session devoted to raising awareness on AIDS, particularly the crisis in Africa.  Bono spoke to the convention via satellite feed.  It wasn’t completely clear if he was live or if it was a recorded message.  He basically challenged the students to get involved in the fight against AIDS in whatever way they could.

Saturday featured Rick Warren, among others, addressing the students in two sessions.  The first was a rather open question and answer time.  His more formal talk during the evening session was directed at basic discipleship issues with a focus on living your life with a purpose (no surprise there).  I asked a number of students what they thought about the time with Warren and they were unanimous that the Q & A time was the best.  They sensed a genuineness from Warren that makes him a great speaker.

I have been to three Urbana conferences (the last three).  This one was, in my opinion, the best.  The students were more serious about hooking up with the right opportunities and they were really going after information from the convention hall exhibitors.  The biblical focus using Ephesians was super as well.

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