The Kind of Leaders We Need

The Kind of Leaders We Need

We need leaders. You hear it all the time. In our office we had a recent call for some to step up to the plate and lead a team in a mission critical task: to serve breakfast to the office staff. We used the following criteria to pick our leaders:

“What kind of leaders are need for this task? Well, people are chosen for leadership that display a rugged yet graceful demeanor, they can be intimidating at times while being warm and welcoming. They are experienced, yet can see things with fresh eyes. These leaders are strong yet gentle, meek and forceful, timid yet able to domineer when the situation calls for it. They can quickly assess a situation without jumping to conclusions (able to make well thought out decisions on the spur of the moment). They will build consensus as they rely on their own wits. They have well formed philosophies and opinions about the way forward which are intertwined with a listening and sympathetic approach to problem solving that is unbiased and open. They love ownership and responsibility yet seek consensus in all things, getting everybody’s input without taking a lot of time in the process. They are well balanced with outstanding strengths in just a few strategic, yet inclusive, areas. These are leaders who know how to follow. They are administratively gifted with strong people skills. These leaders are multi-taskers who are able to focus exclusively on one thing at a time. They are studious and adventurous, serious yet light-hearted, strong-willed and flexible.”

Any takers?

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