Marketing Genius

Marketing Genius

I received a copy of the “Marketing Genius” book summary this week. I think it has an interesting little snippet about mapping the current environment. They look at the following:

Hot Spots – This is where demand converges and everybody wants to play (for example, all phone companies want to deliver multi-media capabilities).
Cool Places – Trend setting product design and development (currently it is electric cars among the auto industry).
White Spaces – Nobody is there quite yet, but new opportunities will emerge (cashless wallets).
Black Holes – Technology has shifted substantially and obviated some entire market players (iTunes kiling record stores, for example).

What would be some examples in the church and missions world?

Here are a few of my ideas:

Hot Spots: Church planting, multi-site (for mega-churches),
Cool Places: Missional churches, Business as Mission
White Spaces: Truly distributed e-churches? New denominationalism (when mega-churches start their own churches under their “brand.”
Black Holes: Denominations

Are Western missionary structures part of the “Black Hole?” Hard to say. Westerners, like all Christians, will always have an obligation to GO. So, the role will change, but I don’t think it can be dismissed.

Book reference: Marketing Genius by Peter Fisk

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