Reflecting on Personal Devotions

Reflecting on Personal Devotions

For many of us, our personal devotional time is not very well thought out. If we have a good habit of taking time with the Lord, we usually do something simply “just because.”

I have been reflecting on my quiet times lately. I took a few notes as I did so. Here are some thoughts that I have which are actually aimed at me – but you might find them helpful as well:

Chronological reading programs are good (I use one) because they help with consistency. BUT, does your reading program leave time for prayer and reflection? I think this is one reason why my personal quiet time can get dry over time. Leave time to do more than read.

Do you have a prayer list? I use my moleskine notebook to track prayer requests. I rarely go back and review how God has answered. When I do – it is amazing and very encouraging. Don’t forget to review how God is working to answer prayer.

Consistency is important. I long ago left behind the “works attitude” toward spending time with God. However, I do run the danger of exercising too much freedom and not being consistent enough. Take time, even if it’s not much time, and just do it.

The most important principle here is to purposefully reflect on your personal time with the Lord. Don’t just go through the motions.

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