Persecution in Laos

Persecution in Laos

I have written about the ongoing persecution of Christians in Laos (read about here). Today I received an update from the organization relaying the information to me. Here is what is happening:

We want to thank you for the prayers for the persecuted in Boukham village of Savannakhet province in Laos with regard to Sompong, Boot and Khamvan as well as the rest of the believers there.

All three are now released from imprisonment since 4:00 PM (Laos time) yesturday, October 16. The situation was pretty fragile over a week ago with the village chief of Boukham threatened to put all three away in life-sentence, maximum-security prison where criminals of the worst kind are kept. However, persistent faith and unyielding conviction, not to recant of their new found faith in Christ, on the part of the Lao believers in Boukham village and especially the three themselves (Sompong, Boot and Khamvan) as well as prayers and advocacy of others around the world finally paid off. Thanks again. God bless.

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