22 Families Executed in Afghanistan

22 Families Executed in Afghanistan

Last night I began getting phone calls and text messages about this. The text message was:

From: (Number Omitted) Msg: Please pray for 22 Christian misionary (sic) families that will be executed today in Afghanistan. Please spread to others fast.

I am a skeptic and I have not been able to find any verifiable evidence that suggests that this text message is true. The “families” part seems very suspect to me as well as the specificity of the “22.” The sensational nature of the whole thing also makes me wonder.

Anybody know anything?

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  1. I just got this message too and I can’t find anything at all on the internet. I agree with you – the ’22’ and ‘families’ part is a bit suspicious. It must be a hoax.

    1. i just got the same text messege i guess it is a hoax becuase here it is a year later well almost 2 years later today is Dec. 1, 2010. and the crazy thing is i got it multiple times from other people from my church…

  2. Justin Long posts, via his twitter account: “Friends at Compass Direct tell me the report of the kidnapping/executing of 22 Christian missionary families in Afgh. is a hoax”

  3. Ahhh yes I see the date on it said 18th Feb 09 but that does sound like the story from a few years back. I should have realised. silly me.

  4. My parents also received word of the text message, a family friend having received it. They live in the UK.

    I thought it was a hoax, but a quick web search brought this up:


    Two years ago on the 28th February 2006, 22 terrorists were sentanced to death in Bangladesh. My guess is that someone is either planning a high profile revenge attack and trying to get advance publicity, or just trying to spread fear and panic. I hope it’s the latter.

    From the article:
    “A court in Bangladesh sentenced 21 people to death in connection with a wave of coordinated bombings on August 17, 2005. The 21 were convicted of setting off six bombs across western Jhenidah district. The blasts were among 500 nationwide. No one died in Jhenidah, but three people were killed elsewhere…. As well as those who died, about 100 people were injured. … In another case, a court in north-eastern Sylhet sentenced a man to death for a bomb attack which wounded a judge. The man was accused by officials of being a JMB activist. Earlier in the month, the JMB’s top leaders, Shaykh Abdur Rahman and Siddiqul Islam, alias Bangla Bhai, were sentenced in absentia to 40 years in prison for a bomb attack which killed two judges last November.”

  5. Thank God, I’ve just found a hole in my theory. The text said it was today*, but was sent out on the 27th (for both the UK and Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

    *and didn’t say what date ‘today’ was – hoaxes can’t put actual dates in or they won’t get passed on; it’s always today, next week, this year etc.

  6. Hmmm, my last comment didn’t make much sense (it’s late πŸ™‚

    I meant to say; the text was sent on the 27th, and said it would happen that day. The anniversary of the death sentances being handed out in Bangladesh is the 28th. Thus the two are unlikely to be connected.

    Will still keep half an eye on the news until the 29th though, just in case.

  7. On the other hand…

    This article reports the execution of a chap responsible for murdering three missionaries in Yemen. He was executed on the 27th February 2006. Perhaps the hoax is inspired by both these events. I’m still presuming it’s a hoax thobut.


    I see that all my comments are stacked up awaiting moderation. I wonder if my confused ramblings will get past the moderator? πŸ˜‰

  8. I recieved same text and thought it didn’t sound right so I didn’t want to forward it until checking it out. {t’s best to pray for things that are really happening, don’t you agree? (Glad I found your site, though!)

  9. i got the same test can some one tell me what is hap.i want to know if is true ,what is the condition ot this mens ?can some one tell me what is that please

  10. You might look at the news story about 22 missionaries who were captured in July, 2007 in Afghanistan… They were Korean, and two were executed. Some stories never die.

  11. Internet information cannot be taken as absolute true news except you are sure of the source. I advice christians to be carefull. Although we know that christians are been persecuted but it is imposible for the christian community not to know and publish this information. Beware of those that spread false rumor!. But keep praying for the christians to love the Lord God even unto death.

  12. Me neither, i have not been able to verify any of this,but if such a disasterous thing should occur then afghanistan will be totally destroyed

  13. I’ve had messages like this before. I don’t pass them on because of there suspect nature. But it’s hard not to pray; just in case. So I feel it’s a good reminder to pray for persicuted believers everyhere. After all hundreds of thousands on Christians are killed every year for their faith.

  14. Didn’t have opportunity to check this out yesterday when i recieved text. Went on the premis it was better to pray than not at the time. Disappointed that someone would start something like this not based on fact.

  15. Ditto for me (refering to #20 Ken’s experience and suspicion of computer hackers) when I proceeded from google search to that adress my screen came up with strange virus messages that looked legitimate but I was prompted to download a program immediately. NO WAY! Possibly an organized attack.

  16. Hi, several of our support group recd same sms and while trying to get an update via the internet, my computer was hit with a virus warning and automatic scan. Definitely a hoax and someone is wasting all our time! Lets pray that the hearts of such people may be changed instead!

  17. This story is NOT true, it is a VIRUS, please spread the word! I personally know the missionary families in Afghanistan & have been in contact with them today, they are all fine. Surf safely!

  18. This certainly looks like the news of 22 South Korean aid workers over a year ago… we work in Afghanistan and you would think we would receive the news πŸ™‚ (via someone other than concerned home bodies)… a warning against just mindlessly forwarding prayer requests…

  19. It concerns me that this hoax has been sent out just as the US are re-examining their approach to Afghanistan. We have to be careful as there are political influences that want to manipulate the Christian population. Pray that these decisions will be made with wisdom & the best interests of Afghanistan in mind, and that they will not be influenced through fear and deception.

  20. Hi ,
    This messages are circulating also in Egypt also there is not any reference on the internet and Today is March 1 2009
    I beleive it is not true

  21. I too received this bogus sms and searched for news , but unable to get any information either through media or websites

  22. Wether true or a hoax I am sure the devil managed to kill 22 people somewhere in the world today. Christians should be in spiritual battle against the forces of darkness destroying Gods people. Courage and endurance to all my brothers and sisters in Christ>

  23. I got this message too, cant find anything, I pray its a hoax, shame to all who would conjure up such sick news, nontheless lets continue to pray Gods protection over all our missionaries across the globe.

  24. Dear Br. & Sister in Christ,

    I did received the same message a moment ago today, and mesage was claims execution suppose to be today (no date given). I felt something is fishy because there was not high profile report in any International news. Anyway we shall still continue to pray to our Lord Sacred Heart of Jesus, around the World that we shall no hatred but forgiveness on the 6th day of our Lent (02 March 2009). Amen. Br. Augustine Yap

  25. Hi all….yip, I also got this message, THREE TIMES, on Sat 28 Feb 09, Sun 1 March 09 and again today, 2 March 09. Amazing tho how far and wide this message has spread, I’m in South Africa. And also amazing tho, is that even tho it is a hoax..we still prayed. Yes, God knows, and we will continue to pray, cos there people REALLY being martyred, as we speak.
    God bless you all…..
    In Jesus

  26. Dear Friends,
    Lets not loose hope, due to these “could – be” mischief mongers, let us prevail in Prayer without ceasing.
    The devil will try to wear out prayer warriors all over the world, by such cunning devices so we will not take some other “TRUE & CREDIBLE PRAYER ALERTS” requests seriously and that devious crafty warped devilish mind with impunity slaughter faithful Missionaries who dare to reach where few would dare to look, even on the very edge of Hell, and get back those who are destined to perish.
    Please send this message across the net to all true Christians who care to Pray.

  27. When i read these messages above i was really very glad, we christian brothers and sisters are really concerned about our other christian brothers and sisters who are in trouble who are facing persecution. Let this unity which the lord Jesus Christ has sown in our heart remain forever and let us all keep on praying for those are been persucted or being tortured for the sake of our Lord.

  28. If 22 christian missionaries be executed today at Afghanistan please give a feedback. we are prayer for a miracle just in case…… or is this a texting scam?

  29. I just received this text today! I looked on line and there is an online article that talks about 23 Koreans being held in 2007, with the first being executed and the remainder threatened to be executed. It has the date of the article (July 2007) but at the top of the website it has the weather details for today (4 March 2009). I suspect that someone has seen this and not realised it is an old article, given the current date on the weather.
    Good to pray anyway

  30. waaawww… I also got this message, 3 March 09. I’m in indonesia. It must be a hoax.
    Jesus bless us

  31. I am in Jakarta, Indonesia just rcvd thye msg text today (04th march) from my friend…as I read above comments…to many “today” at this msg,
    ….true ot not true…hoping this will not happened at anywhere…at anytime…

  32. Thank the Lord that this was a hoax sms, maybe one of the phone companies was trying to make some extra profit knowing that Christians would very quickly pass on the sms to have other believers praying for their brthers and sisters also. (Just a theory) Grace and peace in abundance to you all.

  33. i also received this text today mar.5..it threatens me really that’s why i check it right away in the internet and yet there’s no clear info. on this.. hopefully this is not true.. GOD will always protect HIS people in every way ordinary man cant predict..if someone scattered this message for fun, well, this is not a good joke..be enlightened.

        1. Goodness, l live in Namibia and l received it just now and wanted to find if its true before passing it on. Its all lies. We should just encourage one another to fast and pray and think before you sending such mails.

  34. It’s circulating in New Zealand now – glad I found this before the virus! Good reminder to pray for missionaries…

  35. I got it today, am in Kenya and this means it has spread to the whole world. I dont think its true. Searching on the internet there is nothing to indicate that. Might Christians be used to spread lies?

  36. Im in South Africa, got woken up by a friend this morning in complete panic over this…thought i’d look it up…like everyone else i found nothing on main stream media about it, I REALLY DO PRAY ITS A HOAX…

  37. Very strange how people can do this. I got this message today when waking up getting ready for prayer. But strange before I went to prayer, my spirit just told me to search this on the internet and found nothing. Strange,how can 22 families be executed and still no international news agencies reporting it. I personally advise that we should pray for all christians under the devil’s attack around the world, so that when we get such messages, we can boldly say,”If God is for us, who can be against us” and still thank God that “No weapon formed against us shall prosper”
    As one has said, it becomes a concern as one does not know if it is true or not, because whoever is the author of this email or sms picked up a real threat story. But I must say, however, whether this is a hoax email/sms, one thing I have learnt today, Christians all over the world are united! Keep it up Saints and keep on praying not for the 22 but for all christians under persecution around the world. God bless you all!

  38. Heard about it from a friend and prayed. Just tried to check on the internet today but their is nothing. Whether it is a hoax or truth let’s do our part and leave the rest to God, though it would be nice if the origin of the text would be known.

  39. Got the text(27th Feb) of it (in Nigeria),prayed & thought to check up today; really glad its hoax & the unity in christendom.Guess we all should be watchful & remember to pray daily for all missionaries all over the world.

  40. God will surely bless the families because they have chosen to sacrifice themselves for him. it is guaranteed that they will be at his right hand.

  41. So i got this message today and after much research on d net i am moved by d effect it had and still has and the concern shown but i wud conclude by saying that as at two years ago it was reported that these missionaries were freed.

  42. It is Nigeria. This might be a ploy to fool us when the real summons for prayers comes. Let's pray anyhow. We must really watch and pray with all supplication.

  43. This message can be a hoax, but we still should pray for our brothers and sisters who are in danger and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede through us on behalf of His saints. We are weak as we do not always know what to pray for or who to pray for, but the Holy Spirit knows the mind of God. I encourage you to pray specifically for these missionaries you personally know who are on the field and these you heard about from reliable sources. Also, you can pray generally for God's workers who are in danger.

  44. This is a hoax: "22 Christian Missionary families that will be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan"
    I live in London and received it 29/11/10 and again today 01/12/10.
    We don't want to let our prayers be diverted and weakened, but we can take this as a reminder and turn it to good: Pray for Persecuted Christians & Missionaries and Their Families all over the world, as this is a particularly difficult time of year for them, with loved ones out on the mission field, gone missing, or in jail. The brother who sent it to me pointed out that prayer does more good than harm. God bless you.

  45. I got the message yesterday. I was very worried, I prayed and also passed the message to others. Whether it is true or not I believe God will deliver not only these missionaries but every child of God undergoing persecution in Jesus Name. Thank God that the body of Christ care for each other. May the unity and love continue till Jesus' come

  46. Well i receive the same txt message but the only thing that we can do is Pray!!! We might dont know if its true but wat if it is and we dont do none about it??? N im really sorry for those killees cuz i know that at the end they going to regret wat they duing cuz GOD is real n we proud to be christians… I Love God wt all my heart…!!! N i know he is good

  47. Don't worry folks… you'll see the day when they try and wipe out ALL of them…
    It's already happening. check out this website: www persecution.com (Voice of the martyrs)
    Matthew 24:9-13
    "Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name. At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come."
    I want all of you who are living in your little utopias to remember this… while you are walking in your ignorance, people are dying for what they believe in. Innocent people. WAKE UP… before it's too late for yourselves.

  48. I've had received this messages today. But I don't pass them on. But it's hard not to pray; just in case. So I feel it's a good reminder to pray for persicuted believers everyhere. After all hundreds of thousands on Christians are killed every year for their faith. Let's together pray for all missionaries, wherever they are. It's hurting, why God must let this happen.

  49. I'm in Ghana and surprisingly, i also recieved the same sms. I decided to check it online to see what is happening. Well, we out to pray for the missionaries. It is important. Mary, God is not letting it happen. If we allow it then it will happen. Remember Peter and James' issue. We are to pray and nothing else. God have mercy.

  50. I cannot verify this, but YES, let's all pray for the Christians in all Islamic countries especially Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc…

    Note the granade blast just a few weeks ago in Iraq inside a church killing 58 and injuring 78 others…all in the name of allah!

  51. I’m in Nigeria and I got the text. A friend called me and told me I was worried and I deciced to check it up and like everyone there is nofin. I just pray its not true.

  52. I am in Botswana and i also got the text message. shu! waht a relief it is to know it's not true! Let us pray for the body of Christ though. love you all..xoxoxoxo

  53. i’m in Ghana and this message is still circulating around here via BBM. A year has passed and it’s still join’ round! Let’s pray that this never happens! laterrrzzz!!

  54. i just got it am Nigeria wanted to pass across just as it said my mind just said i should check the net there is nothing.these are the last days hold God like never b4 let him that think he stand let him take heed lest he falls

  55. I am in Nigeria. I got the message today when about to pray. After praying I decided to go on air and confirm I discovered it was fake. However, I believed my prayers must have reached some other missionaries in Danger.

  56. I’m in Nigeria and don’t know if this is truly happening or has happened already.
    All the same, My prayers will not be in vain. It will still go for other Missionaries whose life may be in danger.
    Prayer is required at all times

  57. am in nigeria was troubled getting such tx this morning i sent it out and prayed about it went on net and discovered the tx has been going round for about a year and discovered nobody has been able to trace the source however this should stir our hearts to pray for missionaries on the field

  58. i am in Nigeria,got d txt 29th of nov.and i discovered its been going round since 2009.though i dispatched d message 2 so many people and we earnestly prayed 4 them.whether its fake or not i knw our prayers had save a soul.glory be 2 God

  59. I am in Nigeria. I got the text today and sent to others before searching the net. It is a pity that one could fabricate such story and circulate it world wide.

  60. i am in Nigeria wen i got the text dat was day before yesterday is a sad story indeed, my the lord god of all the missionary be with the families in Jesus name

  61. Thank God this seems to be a hoax. However, let us as Christians always remember to pray for each other to remain faithful in any situation. One day this scenario may be a reality for some, but let us not live in fear or in ignorance, but in the faith that Jesus will soon return to put an end to all this foolishness. Till then, stay faithful and on your knees. God Bless.

  62. Its a whole new year nw and I just received a message bwt 22 Christian Missionary families that will be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan. I searched it bt 2 no avail there seems to be no truth in the statment

  63. Just got the message, I’m in Johannesburg South Africa, amazing how this spread so fast…had to look it up before sending.

  64. it is now the 23rd of january 2012, Im in london & this is the second time in the past five years that Iv recieved that same message. as much as I agree that we should be praying for the body of christ, it is also true that these hoaxes encourage saints to become disollusioned. its like the boy who cried wolf, guys. when prayer is actually needed who will really care? I now tell anyone who sends me that message that it has been reported as a hoax and they should double check texts and email forwards that make such wild accusations. btw not only do they dilute faith but they encourage racism. muslims arent the only ones that oppose christians.
    finally, as I said earlier praying for the body of christ should be part of our lifestyle as christians, however, where is little purpose in praying for 22 fictitious missionary families. the bible talks about praying amiss for a reason, lets at least focus our prayers on genuine supplications instead of fake prayer points.

  65. Iam in Malawi, I have recieved the sms as well, this very day 24/01/12. As others have said we all need to continue praying for each other as belivers. I did not find any report on the internet though. But whatever the case, “we who are born of God have overcome the World!”

  66. I am in Lubango-Angola, and i got the same sms yesterday. If that really hapened, i am sure Gods name was glorified in it!!

  67. I received this message via bbm broadcast this evening. I’m in jamaica and so r almost all my bb contacts. Its obviously a hoax cuz based on d comments, its being circulated since 2009

  68. i am in Nigeria and i just got it seconds ago… i hope its not true… ” he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty,I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress”

  69. Im im USA and just got this message and stumbled upon this site cause i was suspicious as well. Seems like this message has been going around since the year 2009 …

  70. im in ICM-philippines and i also received that sms last night,and emmediately i inform our group and we pray together because we are so worry about them…but the Lord has a purpose for everything and evrything give thanks for this is the well of God…the Lord are now in afganistan to let them see who is He…Alah ho Akbar..Jesus Christ is great…

  71. I just receive this SMS in Malaysia, I am sure that this message that have requested for prayer would not go to waste since it has brought many Christian together. I hope one day we will all be united in the name of Jesus and our prayers will bring down the work of devil in this world and peace to all mankind, while we wait for the return of our Lord Jesus as promise in the Bible

  72. I also just recieve it today,since it ard happen before tis few year…bt i noe watever had happen God has his own solution,is tis true or nt nvm because bible had taught us love our brother and sister in christ,whether it a rumours or nt,only God noe…bt anything just pray for the world peace and may God keep blessing all of us…

  73. I just receive this SMS in India. I am sure that this message that have requested for prayer to them. I hope one day we will all be united in the name of Jesus and our prayers will bring down the work of devil in this world and peace to all mankind, while we wait for the return of our Lord Jesus as promise in the Bible

  74. I am in America and just got this message. I really didn’t believe it,so I came to search Google and saw Peoples post.
    This are all devices of satan to dissuade People from becoming missionaries and to instill fear into their Families.The Bible says we cannot be ignorant of the devices of the enemy that has come to steal and destroy. That not withstanding,let’s keep praying for one another and ESPECIALLY,the Missionaries & send them help when we can.
    God bless you!

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