Urbana 2009

Urbana 2009

Coming to you live from the floor of Urbana…

Yes, it’s Urbana time.  There are about 16,000 people here – just over 10,000 of them students.  Intervarsity is doing a great job, running an excellent conference.

The theme this year is tilted toward what one would call “social gospel” issues.  I know that at least one mission agency declined to participate, publicly stating it was due to budgeting issues but privately noting that they didn’t like the focus.  They wanted to see more focus on evangelism and more traditional missions work.  From my perspective I see no conflict between the “social gospel” and a “proclamation approach.”

Urbana is not cheap for agencies.  The booth space, travel, hotels, meals, and registration costs all add up to some tens of thousands of dollars for a larger agency.  However, the potential for recruiting a number of new staff members is great and there is also value in that it helps your organization establish its identity.

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