Vikes over the Saints

Vikes over the Saints

This isn’t really a sports blog but it isn’t often that my team, the Minnesota Vikings, are this deep into the playoffs so… here goes.

This weekend the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings will vie for the NFC championship. I believe that this game will be largely decided on the role that the Vikings defense will play. If they can get to Drew Brees, I think it will be highly unlikely that the Saints can win. For the Saints to get Bush running the ball they will have to open up the passing game. This can only happen if Brees has time to execute.

Some might say that the same is true for the Vikings quarterback, whose name I do need to write because you know who it is. Brees and Favre are often compared and have a similar style leading some to thing that the matchup on QB is fairly even and thus not a game-changer. Brees has a slightly higher rating that Favre. However, Brees will have more to contend with than Favre will.

The Saints (in fact, all of the later season teams that the Vikings have played) will be deathly afraid of Adrian Peterson. They know than any letup on the run means big gains. I have seen most teams focus like a laser on AP no matter what Brett does. Thus, the Vikings have the passing game available to them regardless if AP puts up huge yards or not. This creates an opportunity for Favre that Brees will not enjoy.

Do I think the Vikings will win, then? Hmm… I have been a Viking fan for a long time and therefore I watch every game knowing that the Vikes can lose to just about any team in the NFL. The home advantage that the Saints will have cannot be underestimated. The Vikings away record this year is not the greatest. However, they have done well playing indoors regardless of the home/away situation. Overall, though, if the Saints get ahead early and keep the crowd fired up I think they will walk away with it.

Yet, I am going to call this game for the Vikes (how can I not?). I put them the final score at 33-29 for the Minnesota Vikings.


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