The Vikings Loss to the Saints

The Vikings Loss to the Saints

How I am taking the Vikings loss.

Pretty well, truth be told.

It was the best season of being a Vikings fan I can remember, ever.  It was filled with intrigue, excitement, and disappointment.  Through it all, Brett Favre made it fun.  I hope he comes back for my sake.  I hope he doesn’t for his!

2010-2011 will be a new season and I will be a Vikings fan.

Now for a little analysis.  The Vikes lost because of four reasons.

First, they didn’t get to Drew Brees. This has to be in part because of the Edward’s injury. Next, he Saints pounded Brett Favre.  O-line, I think you let him down a bit. Third, The butter ball.  Why can’t the Vikes hang onto the ball in this important game after having a good turnover record in the regular season? Finally, Brett Favre’s late game interception – what was he thinking??

New Orleans fans, congratulations.  However, you got lucky.  That ball caught in OT was on the ground.  Further, the coin toss could have gone either way.  I hate the sudden death OT in the NFL.  They should do like college ball and give equal time to each side to be on offense. New Orleans didn’t win because they were better than the Vikings.  They won because they got lucky!  That’s not to take anything away from the Saints at all, but sometimes, games are more about luck than anything else.  Had the Vikes won, I would be saying the same thing.

That’s another reason why I am not grieving the Vikings loss too much.

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