30 Foreigners Expelled from Morocco

30 Foreigners Expelled from Morocco

I am sad to write that the government of Morocco has expelled over 30 foreigners who were all in the country with legitimate jobs and residence permits. Many of them were doing humanitarian work which contributed to the well being of the country. A number of different nationalities, who worked for many different organizations, were expelled. They have been expelled suddenly and unexpectedly from the country and given no reason whatsoever by the authorities.

This seems to be part of a trend that began during the past year in Morocco, by which certain authorities are attempting to intimidate Christians, both nationals and foreigners who are working in the country. This is most likely due to an element of Muslim fundamentalists who have obtained positions of influence in the government. It is a clear violation of human rights and is being monitored by organizations such as International Christian Concern. See their website at http://www.persecution.org/suffering/pressdetail.php?presscode=385

The first action we need to take is to pray. As we pray we need to ask for wisdom to know what other steps we can take in order to protect the lives of those who are living as Christians in Muslim societies.

Here are some prayer points:

  • Pray for those who have already been expelled that God would grant wisdom, strength and peace to know what to do; pray for families that have been separated at this time.
  • Pray for the Moroccan government, that they would reverse their arbitrary policies against Christians.
  • Pray for Moroccan Christians, that they would not be discouraged but would stand firm and draw close to Christ for His help and guidance.
  • Pray for the fundamentalists that are causing the trouble, that they would meet people who would share the love of Christ with them, and introduce them to the God who is caring and compassionate towards all men

The moderate Moroccans far outnumber extremists who are in the country, but unfortunately the few extremists are sometimes successful in influencing the government.  Many Moroccan Christians have given a clear testimony to the government even when they were arrested. They have taken a firm stand and have asserted their right to personally choose to follow Christ.

All those who have been expelled were there because they love Morocco and the people of Morocco. They would ask us to pray at this time for all Moroccans, that they would see the love of Christ clearly demonstrated to them by the actions and words of Christians everywhere.

Following are some websites which make public announcements about these expulsions:

Announcement on ICC website:


Assist News website announcement (based on the ICC info):


Announcement in online Moroccan newspaper:


Story of Broadbent family expelled from orphanage:


Mission Network news:


CBN news site (same info, but gives nice video with stills):


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