Son of Hamas

Son of Hamas

I recently finished reading Mosab Hassan Yousef's book, Son of Hamas.

Based on a true story first recounted in the Jerusalem Post, I highly recommend it.

This book is written by the son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef.  Hassan Yousef was one of a handful of Muslim leaders who founded Hamas as a means to achieve what the PLO had failed to do: end Israel's nationhood and restore the Palestinians to the land they consider occupied by Israel.  Mosab grew up in an environment of Intifada amidst the growing violence that would ultimately lead to a whole new era of terror: the suicide bomber.

It's value is not only the personal story of Mosab Yousef (which is quite riveting) but the historical account from an insider.  I learned a great deal about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict reading this book.

Life in the Israeli prison system led, in part, to Mosab Yousef's disillusionment.  The Israeli's allowed competing Islamic groups to run the prisons and it was brutal.  The leaders used their positions to torture and kill, often in the name of Islam.  This story is a microcosm of the larger disillusionment with Islam that is currently happening on a global scale.

It is worth noting that Mosab Yousef's love for his father comes through in the text of the book.  Mosab became a spy for the Israelis and uses his position to protect his father.  He then becomes a Christian.  Consider the divide between father and son.

The missiological implications of this story are plentiful.  First introduced to Christ by Western missionaries, Mosab Yousef has paid a price for his conversion that makes it impossible for him to continue in his cultural context (of course, his spying has a little to do with it as well).  Like so many in his situation, his view of Islam is that it is completely incompatible with Christianity.  Talk of insider movements and contextualized forms of witness fall on deaf ears.

I highly recommend this book to you.  You can see a video by Yousef and download the first chapter by clicking here.

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