US Pastor’s View of Islam

US Pastor’s View of Islam

Thanks to Ed Stetzer for tweeting my attention to this article in the Christian Post and for the research behind it.

It highlights that most Protestant Pastors are with Franklin Graham regarding their views on Islam.

Some key findings include:

– Three out of 4 pastors disagree with the statement, “Christians and Muslims pray to the same God” – 69 percent disagree strongly.

– Eighty-two percent say Islam is “fundamentally different from Christianity.”

– Forty-two percent agree that Islam “promotes violence.”

– Four in 10 say the religion is “spiritually evil.”

– One in 3 says Islam “promotes charity.”

– Twenty-eight percent consider the religion “relevant today.”

In light of current controversies about contextualization in missionary activity among Muslims, points #1 and #2 are particularly important.

You can download the Powerpoint here:

One thought on “US Pastor’s View of Islam

  1. Ted,
    These are significant findings and confirm my hunch that most pastors in the USA have no idea that their missionaries are propagating doctrines and ministries that would not be supported if their local sending churches knew about it.   I wonder how this will be disseminated and the aftermath on the global enterprise of missions in the cousin world.

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