Missionaries and Beer

Missionaries and Beer

Stephen Mansfield has written a very fun book on the history of Guinness beer called God and Guinness.  He calls it a book on the Guinness beer, but it's really a book on the Guinness family.  What is often unknown about the Guinness family (yes, I am talking about guys like Os Guinness) is that they were very much influenced by their faith.  In a world of Irish Catholicism, these Protestants were respected, in fact, revered, for their generosity and love toward others.

What does Guinness beer have to do with missions?  Pioneers and Arab World Ministries (AWM) are merging.  AWM was founded by a Guinness!  It was with that bit of background that I went looking for this book.

I give Mansfield's book a hearty recommendation for your summer reading list.  It is very entertaining and, while sitting on the beach under a hot sun, you just might want to wash it down with a stout glass of Guinness.

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