Terracotta Christians

Terracotta Christians


If you were Chinese, what religion is a better political option for you?

Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam?


Yesterday I had a conversation with somebody who has been living and working in China for the past ten years or so. We were talking about the incredible growth of the church there. I asked him about government repression and his answer was a bit surprising to me.

He said, "The Chinese government thinks religion is a good thing for the people."


Then today, I read this article on NPR which states,

Since 2006, the position of China's government has been that religion can be a force for good toward the ultimate aim of creating a "harmonious society."

My friend also noted that for the Chinese government, Christianity is the best option politically.  Why?  Both Islam and Buddhism have growing opposition movements in them.

If you were a Chinese government official, Christianity is much less threatening prospect.

One thought on “Terracotta Christians


    Soon after I posted this, NPR ran another story, this time suggesting that the Chinese government is pushing Buddhism as a counter to Christianity.

    Hmmm…. it's not what my sources say!

    Any Chinese scholars out there that want to take a swing at this?

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