Edwards Quote

Edwards Quote

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Jonathan Edwards, missionary to the Housatonic indians (oh yeah, he was a pastor, too, and he preached a few sermons).

Read this in a spirit of prayer and meditation and it will bless you to consider God's excellencies:

There is none like him, who is infinite in glory and excellency. He is the most high God, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders. His name is excellent in all the earth, and his glory is above the heavens. Among the gods there is none like unto him; there is none in heaven to be compared to him, nor are there any of among the sons of the mighty that can be likened unto him…. God is the fountain of all good, and an inexhaustible fountain; he is an all sufficient God, able to protect and defend … , and do all things … He is the king of glory, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle: a strong rock, and a high tower…. He is a God who hath all things in his hands, and does whatsoever he pleases: he killeth and maketh alive; he bringeth down to the grave and bringeth up; he maketh poor and maketh rich: the pillars of the earth are the Lord's.

God is an infinitely holy God; there is none holy as the Lord. And he is infinitely good and merciful. Many that others worship and serve as gods, are cruel beings, spirits that seek the ruin of souls; but this is a God that delighteth in mercy; his grace is infinite, and endures for ever. He is love itself, an infinite fountain and ocean of it.

From Ruth's Resolutions, 1:665, first pointed out to me by Dr. Michael Haykin.

The last paragraph of this quote has really hit me these past few days (I am currently traveling in Asia).  The extent to which the enemy is "cruelly ruining souls" is apparent amidst the poverty, ethnic hatred, and religious bondage all around me.  I do praise Him, that His love is an infinite fountain.


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