Burning Expectations

Burning Expectations

“Why should we expect them to act any differently?”

A friend I know routinely reads the websites of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar, Islamic sites.  The Gainesville, FL, church’s plan to burn Qurans on 9-11 has sparked a lot of debate on these sites, as you can imagine.

Summarizing some of the sentiments, he noted that it has been asked, “Why should we expect them to act any differently?  They are only doing what we have done.”

Wow.  That pretty much sums it up right there.

We should be acting differently because Christ is in us, at least those of us who claim we are Christians.  If they are now expecting us to act like them, we have a problem.

Here are a few "personal amazements" about the Quran burning event that strike me:

  1. It is amazing that a pastor of fifty people can put himself on the global stage and be seen as a Christian leader, influencing the world’s 1.2 to 1.5 billion Muslims.
  2. It is amazing that a US General would suggest that an American should curb his First Amendment rights based on potential danger to US troops and citizens abroad.  I think it’s a completely legitimate position to hold, I am just amazed that a General in the armed forces would make it.  I thought the military was sacrificing to preserve these rights.
  3. It is amazing that Muslims don’t identify their own actions as leading us to this point (see The Muslim Brotherhood’s own website on this topic).
  4. It is amazing to me that Evangelicals have been mostly silent.  Where are the hipster pastors and their blogs on this issue, gently reminding the church that we can be better than this?
  5. It is amazing that while we discuss it here in the US, thousands of worried missionaries live among Muslims and are now forced to answer for this pastor in Gainesville, FL.

What amazes you about this situation?

4 thoughts on “Burning Expectations

  1. First thing first, is that our troops aren't really fighting to preserve our "rights" per say, but to protect us from future attacks. It is also our "right to free speech" that the US General is exhibiting by telling this guy to cut it out. It's not a legal battle.

    But that is neither here nor there.

    I think you read my post, so you generally know my standing on this. I'm VERY against it for many of the reasons that you've stated above. But, the thing that "amazes" (or scares) me is that this pastor is not hosting this "protest" in light of anything that Islam is doing to Christianity, but about the "threat" it poses to America.

    There's a part of me that would still think it was insensitive and crude and dangerous to do if it wasn't a church… but the fact that it IS a "church" I think everyone that believes in the Jesus of the Bible should be praying for this man and his congregation and for all of the people that stand with him. For the people fighting the war and for the people fighting the spiritual war.

    This is a vulgar attack on not only Islam, but on Christianity.

  2. It amazes me that no one has done this before. Where was the Quran burning party right after the attacks? I think it's great! We should also through the Book of Mormon and Scientology into the fire as well.

    It also amazes me that no one even blinks anymore when Muslims sit there and basically threaten to hold our troops hostage until we do things their way. Isn't that still of form of terrorism? Do we now negotiate with terrorists? Did I miss that update from the White House?

    1. What's amazing is how Comedy Central will black out an image of Mohammad on South Park, but yet if it's Jesus it's fair game. How we're forced hold the Prophet Mohammad and his teachings in esteem, when in fact it is an antichrist. We never hear the President/State Department call up those people and tell them to stop. The pastor in Florida is in fact correct on a couple of points he is making.

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