Non-Religious on the Run?

Non-Religious on the Run?

If one listens to the media it is easy to get the impression is that atheism (and its little brother agnosticism) are taking over the world.

Evidently, rumors of religion's demise are… well, rumors.

The latest International Bulletin of Missiological Research analyzes the number of people who claim to be non-religious.  The data goes back to roughly 1900 when there were very few non-religious people.  Here is an edited quote:

A comparison of 1900 (99.8 percent religious) and 2011 (88.6 percent religious) shows that the world is less religious today than it was 100 years ago… If we consider the figure

for 1970 (80.8 percent religious), however, we can see that the world is more religious today than it was four decades ago.

Furthermore, our projections for 2025 point to a more religious world in the future (up to 90.5 percent).

The authors contribute the rise of religion since 1970 due in part to the fall of Communism in Russia and the "resurgence of Buddhism, Christianity, and other religions in China."

The overt evangelism being conducted by atheists in Europe and North America is certainly having an impact on the cultures found there.  Immigration and demographics, however, will probably win the day even in these current secularist strongholds.

For more information, you can signup for the IBMR at  This info was pulled from an article by Johnson, Barrett, and Crossing found on page 28 of Volume 35, No. 1.

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