Diaspora Ministry to Muslims

Diaspora Ministry to Muslims


I am no expert on ministry to Muslims in the USA (a part of the “diaspora ministry movement”).  However, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so…

I am watching how many US churches are waking up to the opportunity to reach out to the growing Islamic populations in their midst.  I praise God for this!  It is very exciting.

There are a few places where I see success at the local church level.  However, it’s more often that I see diaspora ministry that is less than successful, or perhaps more accurately, not focused on goals that will reach these Muslim communities.

For most churches, Muslim ministry is organized around the “attractional” model that they use in the majority culture.  It’s a “come and join us” mentality.  How does this work itself out?  Usually, the church has a refugee ministry or an ESL ministry conducted by their members.  The programs are an attempt to provide service and love to those in the Muslim community in a non-threatening way.  These are great ideas – but they assume that Muslims will someday want to attend our churches and join with us.  Often, this approach is couched in multi-cultural language.

From my perspective, if we want to see these communities reached we have to adopt instead the “go and join them” attitude.  Our goal needs to be to see a church birthed within their community, reflective of their language and culture.

This is a tall order for the American church that is typically focused on its own people and programs.  Most often, the “go and join them” attitude will require us to plant a totally different kind of church within their midst.

So, do I think the refugee resettlement program, the ESL program, educational programs, international dinners, and all the other programs that are done in our churches bad?  Absolutely not.  They are helpful not only in meeting real needs, but more importantly, in preparing people for ministry and for identifying those whom God is calling into a deeper ministry.

So, my advice is that we go into these communities and plant churches, not try to extend the influence or ministry of our church into them.  Most churches will not be willing to take this step.  For the few that do, it will be a rough road with plenty of opportunity to trust the Lord.

Do you think your church is able to do this kind of ministry?

4 thoughts on “Diaspora Ministry to Muslims

  1. Dear Brother,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I am waiting for a new day in regard to reaching Muslims for Christ. It's time we stood up to this challenge. Muslims are the last frontier to be conquered. God has given me a deep burden for Muslims, especially for Muslim Turks. I am praying that God would send me and use me. Would you please pray for me and get in touch with me.
    Thomas John

  2. Dear Thomas John,

    Do I understand that you want to "conquer" Muslim Turks? This sounds very much like the Crusades, where the majority of those who called themselves Christians believed that their calling was to kill Muslims and Jews and occupy their homelands. This does not sound like Good News to me and to our Muslim neighbors it certainly will not create in them an interest to know Jesus.

    As for me, it was the love of Jesus that drew me to the Father. I am sure that you have the same story. It is the same for Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. Love never fails 1 Cor. 13:8

  3. I agree Ted I have developed a well thought out plan to assist churches in developing and implementing a long term plan, and am ready to work with churches that want to see this happen. I agree that most would not be interested, as the advancement of God's Kingdom it is not about us, but about Him.

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