The King Jesus Gospel

The King Jesus Gospel

I have been reading Scot McKnight’s newest book,The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited. It has been a real treat. I’m not going to give you a full book review here you can find those by clicking here or here. We tell you what I particularly enjoyed about this book.

One of my roles is to be board member on a foundation. We give money to ministries with a very narrow focus: church planting among Islamic people groups (don’t write to me with you grant proposal – we don’t manage our giving in that way). One thing that we have tried to identify are ministries that teach more than just a simple “tract of the Gospel.” In other words, we are looking for organizations that teach the whole story of the Bible and focus not just on the “plan of salvation.”

It’s been very difficult to explain this to organizations that are good organizations but mostly “soterian” in their approach. McKnight uses the word “soterian” to those folks who reduce the Gospel to simply the message of salvation. McKnight puts the Gospel in a broader and more holistic way than this. He has given us some descriptions and legs to what we, as a foundation board, have had a hard time articulating.

It’s a great read!

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