These Caught My Eye

These Caught My Eye

Evangelical Foundations See Surge in Donations

After a few down years, it looks like at least one part of the giving world is rebounding.

When Pot-Smokers Take the Wheel

My libertarian friends argue that potsmoking should be legalized because it’s a victimless crime. Here is an article that suggests why this will complicate life for the rest of us. I believe we will be seeing major changes in the laws governing potsmokers before the decade it out – regardless of who wins the 2012 election.

Contextualization and McCarthyism

Abdul Asad goes where others fear to tread. This February post (pointed out to me just last week) is a response to the missiological activism of those seeking to influence Bible translation. This article makes the point that not only is there an issue regarding translation, but that there is also an issue with the way that critics have gone about making their case. The comments below the article betray the unfortunate tenor of the debate.

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