Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

When Should Christians Engage in Civil Disobedience?

With the Obama administration telling the Catholic Church to just deal with it, the question on the horizon is simple. Will Christians be called upon to stand against this coercive policy on birth control and abortificients (I write “Christians” and not just “Catholic Christians” because whether one is with them on the issue of contraception matters not – the issue is: do we want to see religious freedom eroded in this way)? Mark Coppenger makes an argument which doesn’t extend to the “religiously unreasonable” which is a hard case to make.

Hey! You Can’t Say That!

Great Britain goes further down the politically correct trail with a ban on language that refers to couples with the terms “husband” and “wife.” One argument against gay marriage is that it denigrates heterosexual marriage. This appears to support that argument.

Asians are the fastest growing race group in the United States

With all the talk about illegal immigration from Mexico, you might be surprised to learn that Asians are outgrowing other ethnic groups.

The Other Side of Global Missions

Jason Johnson gives a call to global missions and makes the case that when we seek to change the nations, the nations change us.

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