Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

The Contextualization Issue in the Orlando Sentinel

Granted, Orlando is home to a number of larger ministries, but I still was surprised to see this issue get coverage in the local newspaper.

The Devastating Plaque of Porn

Pornography is another one of those “victimless crimes” that libertarians seek to protect. Put yourself in the shoes of this parent and ask yourself if it is, in fact, victimless.

Driscoll on a Mission

It looks like Driscoll is taking his efforts to a wider audience. I wish him all the best.

Bullying Christians

The “anti-bullying” campaign shows its true colors. Nobody is in favor of gay bashing but through the portrayal of gay rights as a civil rights issue, Christian views will be outlawed. Religious freedom will be taking a back seat to gay rights and this story highlights our future.

Pregnancy Q & A

A humorous look at pregnancy. I particularly like the last FAQ: Question: Our baby was born lst week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again? Answer: When the kids are in college. I would personally amend that to be “After they are married and making their own money.”

Can you Trust the Theology of a Slave Owner?

Excellent article about Anyabwile’s address on slave-owner and uber-theologian Jonathan Edwards. Too bad Anyabwile hasn’t read Bill Webb’s book, Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals.


I have written before on this blog about technopaganism. This is another expose on the topic and is a social critique of the new religious being birthed from secular scientism.

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