Links that Caught My Eye

Links that Caught My Eye

This Momentary Marriage

With all of the talk about same-sex marriage in the news, I thought it would be good to post this link to John Piper’s book, “This Momentary Marriage.” Despite the legal wranglings, marriage for Christians means so much more than cohabitation with government endorsement. Let’s not forgot that God created marriage even if man is trying to remake it in his own image.

The Gospel Coalition’s Series on Ministry to Muslims

This is a series that will be dealing with recent debates on contextualization. This is the first in a series, so you can poke around and find a couple of other articles on the same topic.

Sexual Orientation versus the Church

Proponents of gay rights often make the arguement that churches are not being harmed in any way by their efforts. Here is an example where pro-gay legislation which, while seeking to end discrimination, is limiting church rights. On a similar topic, see The Intolerance of Tolerance.

Interesting Article on God’s Bad Behavior

Frank Viola interviews the author of “God Behaving Badly.” What do you think about Old Testament passages in which God smites and destroys?

Returning to Church

Andrea Palpant Dilley talks about her personal journey away from faith and then back to it. This is probably a common path for many and I really liked when she wrote, “My doubt belonged in church.”

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