Day -1 Ready to start tomorrow

Day -1 Ready to start tomorrow

We drove from Tallahassee this morning, passing through Alabama, Mississippi, and then inot New Orleans, arriving in New Orleans this afternoon. Traffic was bad, costing us a couple of hours in Mobile, Biloxi, and coming into New Orleans.



After we arrived we went down to the French Quarter and had jambalaya and gumbo.

We planned tomorrow’s ride and are planning on a 70 miler. We have a guidebook but it’s not quite going to match up with our needs, since we are heading north and the guidebook heads south. We have no camping option tomorrow night so we are going to stay in a hotel.

I leave you with this picture: our first shot of the mighty Mississippi with Dave and Josh.


(I am now posting from the ipad, so I don’t have a lot of control over formatting – sorry for the mess-ups that are inevitable.)

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