Day 2 – Is Ted’s Rump Sore?

Day 2 – Is Ted’s Rump Sore?

I will cut to the chase: yes, my rump is very sore.

Overall we had a good day riding with an additional 69 miles under our belts.

When we got up this morning it was raining very hard. We put on some ponchos and headed off. As we left, we ask a lady for directions. “Follow me”, she said, and basically led us for the next four miles to our turn, waiting on the shoulder until we caught a few times.

We knew we had to make it to a campground on the next night, and that was a good haul away – more than we knew we could cover in one day. So, we cheated a bit, and took a straight highway, missing about 8 miles in total. Looking back it was a good call. The legs felt better at the end of the day than they did yesterday, but the rump had to get off the bike when we did.


Today was spent seeing fields and fields of sugarcane (that’s the crop in the background there – I am not sure what the closer crop in the frame is called.


We crossed a couple of bridges (not the Mississippi, but another, smaller, river). The MRT veers a bit West and away from the big river at this point in the journey.


This green sign sporadically pops us, indicating that this road is on the official Mississippi River Trail.


This was shot from my bike. We are trading the lead spot back and forth. The wind is generally at our backs, but for some reason today we had a lot more headwind than yesterday.

We passed through a town with a pizza place and decided to stop around 3:00 or so (we got on the road at 7:30 this morning). I didn’t want to take the time, but am so glad we did. The pizza was great and we were pretty tired, needing the break.

As we got close to our camping spot we spied a Walmart and stopped in for a needle and thread (the velcro on one of Dave’s pannier bags is coming off), some gloves (the ink in my cheap biking gloves has been turning my hands black). Josh is still battling a bad derailure, so tomorrow morning I am going to switch it out with the spare. After Walmart Josh had a flat tire (is there a theme developing here?).

Tonight we are at false river and it’s pretty awesome. This lake is long and skinny like river (the picture doesn’t really show this) and it’s pretty beautiful.


Miles: 69
Text: Acts 10-13

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