Day 3 – Recovery and Breakdowns

Day 3 – Recovery and Breakdowns

Today was a day we had planned on making short, so we only rode 36 miles. We broke camp this morning an hour later than usual, hit the local Walmart for a few supplies, and rode out at 10:00 AM. Pretty relaxed.

This ride was far prettier than yesterday. No more large manufacturing facilities alongside the river. There are lots of green fields and small farms. This city boy isn’t always sure which crops are in the ground – maybe you can tell the rest of us:


We stopped around noon at a little cafe that had an interesting name – Not Your Mama’s Cafe. They didn’t have to tell me, but they did have good water!


We then got out on highway 15 and it was a gorgeous ride (although the road itself left something to be desire). About 3 miles before out stop for the night, Josh had another problem with his derailure. So, off it came and I put on the spare one we have been carrying. After we got into camp, I also replaced the chain. We don’t quite have it yet, though, so he will have limited gearing range until we hit a bike store or Super Walmart. I broke the chain tool so I can’t shorten the chain.

We crossed a lock and dam just before turning in to our camp for the evening.


We are starting to feel rested up need to do some laundry. Tomorrow we are planning another short day at about 50 miles and then we will need to start cranking up the mileage. I think we will be ready for it. There is no water tomorrow for about 40 miles, so we bought some gallon jugs today and are hauling them until the morning, when we will load up the bike bottles and have a thirsty day of it. We are eating the most wonderful dinner: peanut butter on tortillas (I forgot to mention that our new cookstove melted this morning while making oatmeal…).


This is David, journaling at the campsite tonight.

Tonight, as I write this, I miss talking with my wife. The phone is ok, but face to face would be so much better. The lawn mower broke on her – so not only is she doing the lawn in my absence but having problems doing it. Remember to pray for her!

Miles Today: 36
Total Mileage: 174
Text: Acts 13-19

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