Day 4 – Fixes and Winds

Day 4 – Fixes and Winds

Today we had a full day – it’s late tonight and I don’t think I will write much because of time.

The winds hit us today head on for most of the ride. It was short, but it was challenging. The actual road was incredible for biking as we were on top of the levee for most of the day. This, unfortunately, added to the wind issues.


I am going to jump to the big drama of the day. At about mile 45 or so, Joshua’s pedal arm broke. Not the piece connecting the pedal, but an iron “tang” that gives the push power to the three rings that make up the drivetrain. My boys were a bit amazed when I pulled out a temporary fix, which was a pipe clamp.


That got us to the night’s hotel, and then we called around until we found Trippe’s Western Auto, which has a bike shop (a few people sent me email about another bike shop in Natchez, MS, but they didn’t deal in the “old bikes” like we have). Fortunately for us, Trippe’s had the part out back on a bike and pulled it, installed it, and sent us on our way for $15! That was amazing.

This is Buck Trippe, the owner, working on Joshua’s bike:


As we rode back to the hotel, David said, “We are hardcore, not only do we bike here, but we bike to the bike shop to get the bike fixed.”

We left Louisiana today and are in Mississippi. We hope tomorrow has less wind as we need to crank up the mileage.

Miles Today: 60
Total Mileage: 234
Text: Up through Acts 19

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