Day 6 – Nursing the Bike to Greenville

Day 6 – Nursing the Bike to Greenville

We left our campground this morning after sleeping in a bit. We didn’t get on the road until about 8:15 AM knowing that we had a relatively short day of 49 miles.

The “weak” bike continues to give us fits. I am riding it full time now so that I can monitor the gears and shifting. It likes the high gears and the low gears, but nothing in the middle. My thighs are getting a workout. The front “cartridge” where the pedals go around began acting up today, clicking until a bearing went out. I had an extra set in my little bag of tricks but the supplies are running low for spare parts!

As we left Vicksburg we had two routes to choose from. One was 8 miles longer and stayed in the Mississippi, the other went back into Louisiania. The problem was that the only bridge across the Mississippi River has been shut down for some time. We biked to the spot where you have to decide which route to take and noticed the Vicksburg Bridge Authority building. I thought I would ask if it was possible to drive over. It wasn’t, but the manager said he would be more than happy to drive us across in his truck!


He took down our names and addresses, opened the gate, and we drove back into Louisiana again.

Most of the day was across cotton fields that are now used for corn or sourgum.

It was flat but the wind was merciless. With the northern winds will come the heat – at this point we want the heat! That 10 mph headwind is spirit crushing.


The sign on that building says “gin” as in cotton gin.

We had a long break in Transylvania. Here you can see that they are really enjoying their name, with the bat on the water tower and all!


So, tonight we are in a pretty run down old hotel (but it’s cheap!) and tomorrow we will have to hotel it again because of the bike repair needs.

Today’s Mileage: 49
Total Mileage: 357

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