Day 7 – Holed up in Greensville

Day 7 – Holed up in Greensville

Tonight finds us holed up in Greensville at an Econo Lodge. Our plan was to meet the bike repairman but he forgot about us and won’t be back until tomorrow. So we wait.

We had a strong 20 mile stretch to get started today. We started breaking about every five miles after that and at about mile 35 I was pretty sick. My body rejected whatever was ailing me, and on we went. I think I went too long without eating after that incident. When we pulled into town I was dragging. Good thing that Josh and Dave had a great day because they kept my spirits up.

Bike tours with “loaded bikes” – meaning they have 40 pounds or more of gear, typically progress at about 10 miles per hour. That sounds slow… but when you are pushing as hard as we are, it’s not. That become particularly true with headwinds!


These are rice fields in Arkansas – yes, they grow rice here. It’s flooded between the plants if you look closely.



We crossed the longest suspension bridge on the Mississippi today. It was quite impressive and had a great bike lane for us.

We have some problems with tomorrow’s route. The only place to stop overnight is closed. The next stop that we are aware of would be about 108 miles away and we don’t feel that we can make it with the late start due to the bike repair.We are not the kind to “stealth camp” so today we made the decision to jump up to Memphis by bus. This will get us back on track mileage-wise as well. In the morning we must come up with some boxes for the bikes. The truth is, we are killing the budget due to a lack of camping sites. I guess this will get better the further north we ride but for now we have to deal with our reality.

Todays Mileage: 53
Total Mileage: 414

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