Day 9 – A Bit Wiser and More Famous

Day 9 – A Bit Wiser and More Famous

Today we put into practice what we learned from Dan. Namely, we are setting our own trail out here – we don’t have to be slaves to the guidebook. It was perhaps our best day of biking as far as enjoyment goes.

We left Memphis a little after 7:00 AM or so and wound north through the city, then the suburbs, and then out into the country. There were some long ups and downs as we went toward Covington. We passed this military cemetery as we left town.


This was a hot day with temps predicted to hit 100. I am not sure if it did, but if it didn’t, it came pretty close. We had our third chain break as we rode on (it wasn’t actually the bike in the picture below – that’s Dave putting some air in his tire).


Despite the heat we soldiered on, coming up 14 until we cut over to the town of Covington. By this time it was just past noon and we decided to have Subway sandwiches for lunch and pulled in and began the ritual of prepping to go into the restaurant (bike set against a wall in the shade, helmet off, gloves off, phone, wallet, sunglasses off, etc.) when a reporter for the local newspaper asked us what we are doing. SO… we made their Facebook page. You can find it here: Famous

We passed the birthplace and museum of Roots author Alex Haley. My boys had never heard of him so we had a good talk about slavery and what the experience of being taken as a slave must have been like.

Tonight finds us in the Days Inn in Ripley, TN. We got in around 2:45 or so and have time to get caught up on our journals, log, and Bible reading.


Miles Today: 53
Total Miles: 469
Text: Matthew 19-28

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