Day 10 – A Blustery Day

Day 10 – A Blustery Day

Well, not so blustery in the sense that you need an umbrella but it was very windy for us. The weather almanac says winds came from the north at 15 with gusts up to 25. That’s probably pretty close to truth. At one point we saw a few “dust devils” and were duly impressed.

We awoke in Riply, Tennessee, this morning and were on the road by about 7:15 AM. We could have been out earlier but were in no hurry since we knew our lunch stop and we didn’t want to get there before 10:30 AM.

The “weak” bike continues to plague us. Today it had its second flat – that makes two derailures, two tires, a chain thrown, a busted crank, and a non-working speedometer.


There were hills for the first 35 miles and then it got flatter. The flats were the most windy!


We stopped at a gas station for water and this picture shows all our bikes leaning against the building while we went inside. A gentleman inside was stocking the “little Debbie” treats and gave a bagful of goodies which served quite well after tonight’s dinner.

We ended up in Reelfoot State Park. In this area, back in the 1800s, a massive earthquake (the largest one ever recorded in the US) created a lake, which is in front of me. The Mississippi River ran backwards south of here for three days filling in the hole!

Tomorrow will be a hard day of riding for us. We were going to head over to Cape Girardeau by taking the “Hickman Ferry” but have learned that it is closed due to shallow waters in the river. We had a host lined up there for Thursday night. Instead, we are probably going to ride close to 70 miles to make it to a hotel tomorrow, and then hopefully hit a camp the next night. Temperatures are rising to record levels in the next three days. Fortunately, the wind is also expected to shift so that, Lord willing, it will come from the south. We must now decide if we will take the Illinois or Missouri side of the Mississippi River Trail…

Today’s Mileage: 48
Total Mileage: 517
Text: Mark 1-8

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