Day 12 – Hot

Day 12 – Hot

As you have no doubt heard, it’s very hot here. Today we were in a town that was 106 degrees. Tonight we are camping.

It’s hot.

We headed out of Wykliffe, KY, this morning early. There was a breakfast place in town and we got there at 5:30 AM.


After breakfast, we crossed the treacherous bridge to Cairo, IL. We knew it was a scorcher, so we left at 6:00 AM. By the time we got to Cairo it was all quiet and we were glad. It’s a mean looking town.

We continued on, now in Illinois. The Illinois section of the ride we will take us over 580 miles in the next week and a half.

The biking today was generally good. The early training advantage I had over the boys is gone. When I woke up my legs were pretty sore. “How are your legs?” I asked them. “Great!” they both said. So… I guess the 49 year old body is now going to be playing catch up.

We averaged about 15% faster today, with both a headwind and fairly easy flat roads. It felt good to be moving north. We had lunch in Jonesboro, site of the Lincoln-Douglass debate.

We pulled into our campground at about 2:00 PM just before the hottest part of the day was starting. We laid around and slept for a while. Two other bikers came in – making the trek down from St. Paul. They were older, more experienced, and weren’t complaining about the heat like we were. It was a good lesson for us.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter here. I am a bit concerned for our safety. I have decided that we need to be in a hotel tomorrow afternoon which means we are going to make it a shorter ride, just to Chester, IL. I called ahead and they are going to allow for an early check-in. We are blowing the budget at this point, about double the cost due to having to stay in more hotels that I had planned on. Oh well. We are here and we have to continue!


Taking a break!

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