Day 14 – A Good Ride

Day 14 – A Good Ride

(See the trail by clicking here)

Today we had a great ride in “the bottoms.” It’s funny, because I lost sleep last night knowing that the first 14 miles were going to be pretty hilly as we left Chester.

The first miles were, in fact, hilly, but they weren’t undoable. Chester took us up to almost 700 feet above sea level, so as we headed out to the bottoms, we lost about 400 feet of that elevation (we didn’t check it, but it has to be close to that). So, it was mostly down and the ghastly trucks weren’t about that early.

As we got onto the bottoms it was a hot day but the trees overgrew the road and the bluff placed in the shadows for most of the morning. It was rather pleasant. There are large caves cuts in the rocks of the bluff and these caves sent out a chilled airstream which further made it remarkably refreshing.


These caves were made for mining but are now mostly left alone. We took a break along the way at a small town where there was a baseball game going on in the background – it felt very quaint.


Tonight we are in Cahokia, IL, across the river from the southern edge of St. Louis. We saw the arch as we rode in – in fact, I can see it now as I type this, if I stand on something. Tomorrow we will cross over into St. Louis to meet up with my college roommate and his family for the night.

I will update mileage totals when I am at place where I can better edit the info.

Miles today: 63

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