Day 15 – St. Louis

Day 15 – St. Louis


This morning we slept in a bit and got up around 7:00 AM. We had our usual breakfast of oatmeal and even had a little orange juice we purchased at Dollar General the day before. After packing up, we snaked our way up into East St. Louis to cross over into the city. As you can see, it was a beautiful view from the bridge.

We rode across town to meet up with the Wos family for the day. It was a short ride – about 26 miles, but very hilly and somewhat harder than we thought it would be. We passed by bank sign that read the outside temperature: 105 degrees.

The Wos family has fed us well (real food, you know, the kind you make) and we watched Spain beat Italy in the Eurocup. We are now relaxing and hoping to recover somewhat as all three of us are in need of a break.

I note that most bike touring experts I have read suggest a full day off every seven days or so. We have taken two short days but have ridden on each of them. I do feel a bit like my legs aren’t quite catching up from the previous day’s ride at this point.

Distance: 26 Miles

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