Day 16 – Out of Town

Day 16 – Out of Town

This morning Brad W., my college roommate, drove us to the far edge of the St. Louis metro area. He took up the road a bit for good measure and off we went.


Brad and his wife Patti are preparing to switch ministry locations from South Africa to Brazil. They are gracious hosts. Once you a field missionary you learn that hospitality is something that it is central and core to ministry. We got that kind of love and service from them and it was awesome.

Our goal was to make it back into Illinois and we rode just under 60 miles to make that happen. It was a good ride with lots of flat areas interspersed later in the day with hills. We gained over 600 feet in elevation not counting the many time we went up only to come back down.

Unfortunately, “the weak one” (the bike that continuously gives us grief) had another set of breakdown. Two more spokes were sprung, it had a flat tire, and the front derailure popped a spring guard, rendering it useless. Thanks to the Lord I had a spare in the bag. My supply of spare parts are about done now.


Last night we came across the border at the city of Louisiana, MO. There is a campground on the Illinois side by a marina. We floated in the pool for a while when we noticed the darkening skies. Soon, there were huge black clouds and pretty amazingly hard winds buffeting the area. The manager said that tornados were coming and so we high-tailed it back across the river to a little motel for the night.


This was the view looking back at the marina before the storm came through.

We will get a good nights’ sleep, considering that outside the rain and wind are howling.

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