Day 17 – A Long Ride

Day 17 – A Long Ride

The morning after the storm was very beautiful.


Today was long ride – we went 80 miles. We knew that pretty soon we had to take one day and make some serious mileage so today was that day.

In the morning we hit it hard, crossing the bridge from Missouri back into Illinois. We were told that the the Illinois side was going to be a lot flatter. It was, I am sure, but it was also filled with long rolling hills. Our legs are getting more and more used the workout and we hit the

The temps here got up to 103 degrees and it was humid. We went through so much water it was hard to keep the bottles filled. We stopped for sports drinks as I was a bit fearful that we are losing electrolytes.


This was one of the many unscheduled stops we made along the way today.

We burned off the first 40 miles before taking a significant break. We ended up at a Burger King in Quincy, IL. Our shirts are very “orange” and dirty looking from the sunscreen we have been using (if anybody knows how to get that out of a shirt – let me know; you get bonus points if it’s something that we can do on the road).


David is battling knee pain. We have tried adjusting his seat. For a while there I was thinking that we might have to stop – for good. It seemed to get a bit better and we backed off on the pace some. Tonight he is sore. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so we have booked a hotel room and are doing a measly 40 mile ride so that he can recover and we can get a break. Pray for Dave!

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