The Worker Bee

The Worker Bee

Here is a little motivational poem I wrote for the seminar, “Overcoming Death by Email”

The Worker Bee,
J. Ted Esler

Oh, to be a worker bee and only think of me,

To go to office, school, or field, or to the factory.

And do a task (and do it well) but not for other’s sake,

No, just the things that must be done, but these without mistake.


To work the hours, to earn the pay, to do the things they ask,

To keep one’s job, yet free oneself from doing extra tasks.

And then one can retire, leave all of this for good,

Look back while reminiscing, doing things one never could.


A lifetime spent just getting by, rewarding? I don’t know.

A lifetime spent in servitude, no purpose there to show.

There’s nothing wrong with working hard and putting in your time,

But time is really all we have, so use it to its prime.

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