More Blah on Western Missionary Roles

More Blah on Western Missionary Roles

There was some excellent feedback on my post regarding the role of Western mission agencies – thanks for commenting.

As I have been thinking about the way my organization is training and prepping people right now I have had a nagging thought about the need to readjust. How we talk about the role of the cross-cultural gringo needs to shift. We need to emphasize more than we ever have preparation for partnership with indigenous or culturally-near partners.

I see the growing need to prep people in the following areas (in no particular order):

  1. Changing role of the outsider and insider
  2. Identifying affinity groups and strategizing with affinity group leaders
  3. Evaluating culturally-near neighbors for possible partnership
  4. The role of research in UPG ministry
  5. Training and coaching as a primary contribution of outsiders
  6. Indigenously derived access methods – how to encourage them while keeping them from overtaking the work
  7. Keeping out of the driver’s seat
  8. Did I already note, “Keeping out of the driver’s seat?”
  9. Structures that inhibit growth and structures that encourage it
  10. Funding, money, and the role of the outsider: not a didactic “this is how to handle money” but a “these are issues to think about” approach
  11. Assessment of orality within the UPG and developing an appropriate response
  12. Ideas for working with the traditional church within a UPG
  13. Coaching – what is it and how is it done, how it differs from training and teaching

Folks with some tools in these areas will be better equipped to equip.

Feel free to add your topics…

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