Another Reason for House Church

Another Reason for House Church

….you can meet when you want to, not when tradition dictates:

According to a new study published in the Review of Religious Research, an examination of declining attendance at 16 congregations revealed that many pastors place the most blame on children’s sports activities, since both practices and competitions are increasingly “scheduled on Sunday mornings at the very time when many churches traditionally have provided religious education.”

With kids who are in sports, I think this is actually slightly “off.” I suspect it’s really not so much the Sunday AM time slot. When our kids are in sports, we are busier. Busier means less time for programs at church. House church helps with this, too! Fellowship infused into daily life makes more sense than programs that require one to “go” to church to participate. Just invite a few of your house church friends to attend your kid’s game. Meet other parents… You get the idea.

HT: CT Gleanings Blog.

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