Have Lots of Babies

Have Lots of Babies

That’s right: have ’em when you are young and have them often. That’s my conclusion after reading this book.

I am not kidding.

I recently read Jonathan Last’s, “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting” and really enjoyed it. There are lots of counter-intuitive findings that make a book like this really fun.

For example, sheer demographics will stop and ultimately diminish the rise of secular, non-religious people in the US. That certainly flies in the face of the dominant theory of secularization that is gospel in the American university system. Another one: Islam is headed toward big problems due to a falling “TFR” – Total Fertility Rate.

Modernity produced people that don’t like…. well, er.. people. At least new people. Did you know that the population of the planet – the whole planet – is expected to stop growing in the next 100 years? That no society has maintained positive economic growth amid plunging population growth? Did you ever ponder the effects on China of the “one-child” policy they have adopted? This book will make you think about issues like this.

It also challenges the completely bankrupt ideas behind population bomb theories (which are among the most laughable of all pseudo science of the past century) and suggest that a bright future is linked to having more babies.

Highly recommended.

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